Manish Kumar

Founding Partner

Mr. Manish Kumar, Esq., the esteemed Founding Partner, boasts an exemplary record of advocacy in safeguarding clients’ interests across the judicial spectrum, having successfully represented their cause before the Honorable Supreme Court of India, High Courts, District Courts, and diverse legal tribunals. His nuanced proficiency encompasses the provision of comprehensive legal solutions, with a particular focus on the judicious drafting and review of complex legal instruments such as Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), agreements, legal notices, and their responsive counterparts. His mastery extends to intricate matters of joint ventures, lease deeds, court complaints, affidavits, and other legal facets, where his acumen is a beacon of assurance for clients seeking seasoned legal counsel.

In addition to his courtroom prowess, he lends his expertise to the intricacies of governmental relations, facilitating adept liaisons with various government departments. His astute guidance ensures clients navigate the intricacies of regulatory compliance with precision, underscoring his commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication as a legal luminary in the realm of intricate legal landscapes.