Mayank Joshi


Advocate Mayank Joshi, a legal luminary, specializes in the intricate handling of legal matters, encompassing Writ Petitions, Special Leave Petitions, and FIR Quashing Petitions, specifically before the Supreme Court and High Courts. His legal proficiency encompasses adept navigation of intricacies in NCLT Cases, Revenue Cases, Service Matters, Consumer Matters, MACT Claims, and Arbitration matters, further exemplified by his substantial experience in addressing cases before the Registrar of Co-Operative Societies and Appellate Tribunals, where his nuanced understanding of legal intricacies is prominently evident.

 In addition to his prosperous legal practice, he occupies an eminent role as a Panel Advocate with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation at Tis Hazari District Court, thereby affirming his status as a reputable and dependable legal professional. Additionally, he assumes the esteemed position of Legal Advisor to the Trade Promotion Council for Geo-Space Industry (TPCGSI), where he actively contributes his specialized legal expertise to inform and guide strategic decision-making processes.